1. Things Every Wedding Needs

    Weddings are a celebration of love. It’s a ceremony to commemorate two families coming together as one. Weddings are meant to be fun for everyone invited. With everyone dressed up and ready to party…Read More

  2. Events That We Can Cater

    Parties and events are some of the. Everyone loves getting together and seeing friends, coworkers, family, and loved ones that they may not always get to. A well-timed event can help build your compan…Read More

  3. What To Look For In A Caterer

    So you’ve decided to go with a caterer in order to make your presentation, party, or event even better. Using a catering company is a big deal, as a party or gathering is made even better depending …Read More

  4. See why you should hire our Elk River catering company

    Why Hire Serrano Brothers Catering?

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  5. Custom catering for summer parties

    Time to Plan Summer Parties

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