Serrano Brother Catering offers the area’s finest catering services. We have a menu that will please any palate and without shocking the wallet. Now that the holidays are behind us and we’ve all broken our New Year’s Resolutions, it’s time to get down to some serious catering. Whether it’s a corporate function for employees to reward them for all their hard work, a family reunion or an organizational bonding opportunity, the caterers to turn to are Serrano Brothers in Elk River. This blog series will focus on our Specialty Buffets Catering options.

The glory that is the melting pot that is American culture is captured in culinary delights on our Specialty Buffet Catering Menu. Each buffet spotlights a different cultural experience as expressed in food. You should try them all!

Polish Buffet

Polish style coleslaw and Polish style pearl potatoes are just two of the side dishes that accompany the Smoked Kielbasa and Sauerkraut and Stuffed Cabbage or peppers and City Chicken (thin-sliced sauteed breaded pork chop). This is available for on location catering or drop off.


Mexican Buffet

The Mexican Buffet has a full taco bar. This is available for drop off or on-location catering. There are hard and soft taco shells available and everything you need to make your dream taco including: refried or black beans, Mexican rice, shredded cheddar, lettuce, onion, diced tomatoes, jalepeño peppers, sour cream, nacho cheese sauce, well you get it…the works!
Call Serrano Brothers Catering today and enjoy the tastes of America!