This time of year, social gatherings are shifting inside. Sure, we might get a few gorgeous Indian Summer days, but it’s best to plan a party for indoors and save your backyard party ideas for next summer. Or is it? Having an outdoor party, but indoors is a great twist on the traditional BBQ. I think we can all agree that Minnesota summers start late and end earlier than we’d like, but it’s the price of living in this great state! Your caterers in the Elk River area have seen a party or two and have gathered some great ideas to inspire you when you are planning your Outdoor/Indoor BBQ Party.


BBQ Dreams

It might be dreary and drizzly outside, but you can still have your BBQ! Serrano Brothers Catering can provide you with all the catered BBQ meals that will keep you going until next summer when you can BBQ outside again, without your ski cap and gloves. We offer options to do the cooking on-site or to deliver it hot and keep it hot with chafing dishes or aluminum pans that we supply along with serving utensils

Catered BBQ Meat Options

We offer seven options for your BBQ meals. This might seem overwhelming, but if your know what meat you want, you are more than halfway to your decision.

  • If you want Black Angus Burgers and all-beef hot dogs, choose The Traditional.
  • For BBQ chicken OR Italian sausage AND Black Angus burgers and hotdogs, it’s The Sizzler you want.
  • Choose The BBQ if you want burgers, chicken, and sausage.
  • To skip the chicken and stick with Black Angus burgers, Italian sausage, and all-beef hot dogs, pick The Round Up!
  • If you want to get down and dirty, choose The Big Buck, with it’s Baby Back Ribs, marinated BBQ chicken breasts, and Black Angus burgers.
  • The Mixed grill is what you want if you are in a kabob mood! Marinated beef kabobs, chicken kabobs, and Italian sausage make for easy serving and is delicious too!
  • The Westerner is the king of BBQ options! With 10 oz hand cut New York Strip steak and marinated chicken breasts, this option will leave all your guests happy and their hunger satisfied.
    To view the sides and dishes that accompany our delicious, succulent meats, click here.

To learn some ideas for decorating an indoor BBQ party, check back for our next blog. In the meantime, save-the-date by calling and booking Serrano Brother Catering!