Holiday breakfast catering services

The holiday season is the perfect time for a catered breakfast from Serrano Brothers. People have a full calendar this month, with all their evenings taken up with school holiday concerts and family gatherings. People often have their mornings free and who doesn’t love a delicious hearty breakfast?

Sit Back and Let Us Do the Work

Serrano Brothers catering not only provides delicious breakfasts, but we also make it easy on you. The breakfasts come with everything you need for your catered breakfast buffet. For catered events, you can expect chaffing dishes that will keep the food warm, the linens for the tables, serving utensils, and the disposable plates, napkins, and eating utensils too. For drop off meals, we will deliver the food in aluminum pans and provide serving utensils.

We have seven amazing breakfast buffets to choose from and we know from experience  that any one of them is a crowd pleaser!

The Big Breakfast Buffet

This extravaganza of a breakfast buffet has something for everyone! Start off with eggs scrambled up with butter and cheddar cheese, add bacon, ham, or sausage and choose between (or have a bit of them all) pancakes, french toast, and Serrano Style hash browns. Grab a bagel, danish or a muffin. Sliced fruits will add some vitamins to your meal.


Onsite Pancake Station

Everyone’s favorite type of station. This breakfast bar offers pancakes, topped with your choice of butter, maple syrup, blueberry topping or strawberry topping. You can get to pieces of bacon or two sausages with your pancake to make sure you feel full!  

dreamstime_xxl_39846428Lighter Fare: The Continental Buffet

For an informal breakfast gathering, you can choose the Continental Buffet and have fresh fruit slices, assorted danishes, mini muffins and bagels and cream cheese. You can add coffee for just an extra .79 per person.

Onsite Omelet Station

Let your guests feel special by getting exactly the omelet they want at our omelet station. They can pick from seasonally available fillings and cheeses.

Egg Bake Buffet

Always a favorite, the egg bake buffet gives you the options of a Mexican Egg Bake, an Italian Egg Bake, a Traditional Egg Bake and the Vegetable Egg Bake. You’ll love the seasoned eggs mixed with mouth watering ingredients that work together to create unique egg bakes.

When you have a crowd to please and a breakfast spot open, call Serrano Brothers catering for the best catering in the E. Elk River area! Reserve your date today!