Catering services perfect for meat lovers

We know that hipster, kale-based meals in a jar are all the rage for some people, but here at Serrano Brothers Catering in Elk River, we serve real food for real people. And the people we serve are meat lovers! To learn about some of our amazing meaty meals, let’s look at some of the meat-based entrees offered by Serrano Brothers Catering:

Chicken Meals

One of our favorite dishes is Nona’s Baked Chicken. Our recipes have been passed down in our family, and this dish features bone-in chicken that is lightly breaded in a spiced breadcrumb mixture, which is a secret recipe, and then oven baked to perfection.
Rocco’s Herbed Chicken gives Nona’s Baked Chicken a run for its money! This dish is made of boneless, skinless chicken breasts that are lightly breaded and baked in the oven. Chicken lovers will enjoy every bite of this scrumptious family recipe.
Our Chicken Florentine is a plump, juicy chicken breast stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach and wrapped in a light and flakey pastry.


Beef Catered Meals

Beef lovers don’t need to look far to find amazing beef dishes at Serrano Brothers.
We offer several beef entrees, including a roasted sirloin served with mushroom gravy.What could go better mushroom gravy than mashed potatoes?
We also offer a creamy beef stroganoff gravy with beef strips, mushroom, and sour cream gravy.
The Beef Burgundy will make your mouth water. In this dish, you will enjoy tender beef in brown sauce with burgundy wine and mushrooms.

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