See how corporate catering services can help your business

Business meetings, conferences, and corporate events can take a good amount of time and money to organize. First, you have to choose a space to host your event. Are you hosting 10 people? 50 people? 100 people? Next, you need to find a printing company to print up programs before you move on to electronic and furniture rentals. As you focus on getting all of your event-planning ducks in a row, you’ll eventually have to decide whether or not you want to hire a corporate catering service.

At Serrano Brothers Catering in Minnesota, we’re proud to be the premier catering company that serves the Twin Cities. We offer a large and diverse menu selection with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert items, and our team of catering experts has years of experience coordinating corporate catering efforts.

There are many benefits to hiring a catering company for your next business event. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Hiring A Catering Service Can Leave A Good Impression

Whether you’re trying to convince investors to invest in your startup business or you’re hosting a lunch for all of the upper management in your division, hiring a catering service is an easy way to leave a good impression on your guests and employees. Your company will be looked upon in a more favorable light if you serve delicious and nutritious food at your corporate event, and your colleagues will feel a sense of value because of it.

Working With A Catering Company Will Save You Time & Money

While you may not believe us, working with a catering company is an easy way to save yourself some time and money. When you work with a corporate catering company, like Serrano Brothers Catering, you can rest assured that the food portion of your event will be taken care of. This will give you more time to plan other things, such as where to place the projector or how to decorate the conference space. Forget having to shop, prepare, serve, and clean up after your guests. Let a professional catering company handle the food preparation and clean up for you.

A Catering Service Can Accommodate For Dietary Restrictions

These days, it seems like everyone has some sort of dietary restriction. Whether it be soy, dairy, wheat, or peanuts, dietary restrictions should not be taken lightly when planning your corporate menu. When you work with a catering company, you won’t have to worry about Susan’s shellfish allergy or Tom’s peanut allergy. Instead, you can let your team of caterers work around these intolerances, making the planning process way less stressful for you.

Serrano Brothers Catering: Your Premier Minnesota Catering Company

If you live in the Minnesota area and you’re looking for an experienced and professional catering company to cater your upcoming corporate lunch or event, reach out to Serrano Brothers Catering today. We offer a wide menu selection of breakfast items, lunch items, dinner items, desserts, and beverages, and we can help create a customized menu for your special event.