Any casual student of American History knows that this country has been called a melting pot. Though, it may seem more like a chunky stew at times, over time, ethnic identities change and mix and families blend traditions to make new ones! The Serrano Family is a perfect example of this. The Serrano brothers were raised in the kitchen of their family business. They learned how the family recipes have been perfected over generations, and they feel this gives their food an authenticity of tradition you just won’t find in many catering businesses. The melding of traditions can be easily seen in their Specialty Buffets. We’ll look at all four, starting with the Polish Buffet.


The Polish Buffet

According to Wikipedia, traditional Polish food is heavy on meat and winter vegetables. states their description of Polish food by reminding diners to forget counting calories when eating Polish food. Hearty and meat-centered meals have kept Poles going through long, cold winters for centuries. This fits in easily here in Minnesota! Dig in and don’t be hungry!

  • Our Polish Buffet features smoked Polish kielbasa and Polish sauerkraut.
  • No Polish meal is complete without pierogis, and ours are homemade and filled with potato and cheese. This staple of Polish food is served with sour cream and horseradish.
  • The long winters and short summers of Poland mean lots of winter veggies to sustain people over the winter. Cabbage is a mainstay, and our buffet offers stuffed cabbage or peppers.
  • If you prefer City Chicken, you can opt for that. City Chicken is thinly sliced pork that is breaded and sauteed. Sides of Polish-style pearl potatoes and corn round out this delicious buffet.

To learn mare about our other buffets, be sure to check back in the future! Book your Specialty Buffet from the Serro Brothers Catering.