Custom catering for summer parties

Temperatures are finally hitting levels that make us think of summer parties. Yes, there is a lot of rain around right now, but as storms become fewer and farther between, opportunities for outdoor entertaining will increase. And when they do, you’ll want to be ready to throw the party of the summer. We’ve come up with some ideas and suggestions to get your party planning off to a great start. We are Serrano Brothers Catering, and we offer a wide selection of catered foods to make your guests happy to let you relax and enjoy your event.


Planning far ahead can be the best idea when you plan on ordering catered food, renting a tent, and hiring a band. If you know you have a big celebration, be it a birthday, graduation, or anniversary coming up, set the date and make contingency plans in case it rains. When you set the date, create a Facebook event and send out paper invitations to people who don’t engage on social media.

Pick a Theme

Having a theme for a party can add a special character to your party. Pick your favorite cult film or TV show such as Supernatural or Walking Dead, or go with a more global theme such as a luau, a day at the beach, or an old-fashioned BBQ picnic. Most themes can be brought to life with a simple combination of party decorations that can include banners, party favors, and going with a color theme for tablecloths, napkins, and balloons.

Song List

Your song list can act as an integral part of your party theme. If you are going with summer beach party, be sure to throw some fitting music on your playlist. Some Beach Boys, Katy Perry, and some reggae will help set the tone. If you are going to have a BBQ picnic theme, your music can be all over the place and should be determined by your guest list.

Party Food

Well, now you are talking! Your food choices can make or break your party. We offer the best catering in the Elk River area, and you have a great selection to choose from. You’ll want to check out our BBQ Package. All the food can be prepared at your party or delivered ready to eat. Your options include Black Angus burgers and all beef dogs, BBQ chicken, beef kabobs, and 10 oz. handcut New York strip steak. We offer a wide array of side dishes that will keep your guests lined up and happy. But don’t think that BBQ is your only option! We also offer buffets that can work with lots of themes. We have a Polish Buffet, a Mexican Buffet, an All-American Buffet, and a Pasta Buffet. We pride ourselves on being experts in multicultural food and our buffet is where this skill shines. If you are throwing an elegant affair, we can provide hors d’oeuvres, or even provide pan service with your selection of catering package.


Don’t forget that your guests will be thirsty! Setting up a bar for adults and having lots of non-alcoholic drinks for kids and non-drinkers will make everyone feel welcomed. Providing a selection that will make everyone happy can get expensive quickly, so this is time to head to one of the wholesale stores or make this the part of the party where your guests can contribute. If you plan on certain themed drinks, be sure to post some direction on how to mix them so your guests can help themselves and still get the themed drink.


Sure, people love to mingle and do what they want at a party, but everyone loves to be entertained, too. Simple games such as horseshoes or corn hole can provide centers of social gathering as well as give people something to do while they socialize. If you have friends who are musicians, be sure to ask them to bring their instruments and set up a place for them to play. If you really want to go big, you can hire performers. There are always local bands and entertainers such as acrobats and fire spinners who are willing to make your party unforgettable.
This summer is sure to bring lots of good weather, great times, and opportunities for amazing parties. Plan your party now and don’t forget to reserve your date with Serrano Brothers so we can provide you with amazing catered food!