Serrano Brothers Catering is the family-run catering company to turn to for all your catering needs in the Elk River area. We specialize in delicious cross-cultural meals for big events, corporate affairs, graduations, family gathering, weddings, and shift meals. Today we are going to be taking a closer look at shift meals.

Shift Work is Hard!

Studies have revealed that night shift workers are generally heavier than their day shift counterparts. This can be traced to several factors. The first reason is that day workers have more freedom to take a lunchtime walk to work off a snack or sugary drink. There are also metabolic reasons that are still being researched. It may be a mystery to scientists who study night shift workers, but any parent of an infant can tell you that when your sleep cycle is interrupted, you body seems to switch into a mode ruled by the motto, “If I can’t sleep, I’ll eat.”


What Serrano Brothers Catering Offers

We can feed your hard-working, hungry employees who are working any of your shifts. We provide meals at any time of the day or night. Whether it is 3AM or 12PM, we can provide delicious, healthy meals for your shift workers. A great way to keep workers alert and on the job is to feed them meals packed with protein to keep their energy steady early in their shift and then to feed them food high in carbohydrates at the very end of their shift since these foods won’t keep you awake.
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