Serrano Brothers Catering serves Elk River, Ramsey and Ostego areas, providing the finest catering services in the areas. Several phrases some to mind when talking about the Serrano Brothers catering Company. We know that after you look at our menu choices and hear our story, you’ll agree.

Time Honored

Hearty, savory and traditional are words that can easily be applied to the catering dishes that the Serrano Brothers create. Recipes have been handed down and perfected through generations.


The current Serrano Brothers generation grew up in the business and when you grow up in a kitchen, you learn a few things. Actually, it could be said that what you know wasn’t so much learned as breathed in from years of listening to the kitchen voices, smelling the food, and watching the chefs create amazing dishes, perfecting them over time. You also learn the ins and out of the business as well as what makes the best customer service.


What defines America better than its multiculturalism? The Serrano Family is a multi-cultural family and so is the food we create for our catering events. From traditional Italian and Polish dishes to good ole fashion American BBQ, we can do it all, with recipes that accentuate the subtleties of the particular food.


We can create for you a traditional Italian feast, a traditional Polish Feast or a BBQ feast to be remembered! From jumbo meatballs in a basil marinara sauce to smoked sausage and sauerkraut, we’ve got you covered. Our menu choices can be a bit staggering, but rest assured that each dish is freshly made to order for your special event.