The next time you are in charge of arranging a morning meeting that you think may run long, or is booked for a lunchtime, be sure to make some friends by booking Serrano Brothers Catering. Our lunch catering offers Elk River customers delicious and satisfying lunches. To learn more about our lunch catering, keep reading.

Gourmet Lunch Boxes

For groups of 25 and more, the gourmet lunch box is the perfect lunch. You can choose from four sandwiches: turkey and swiss, roast sirloin and cheese, ham and cheese, and tuna or chicken salad. Each of these delicious choices is made on either a bakery fresh four-inch hoagie roll or whole grain bread. You also get a choice of a side of pasta salad or potato salad. To complete the lunch, each lunch comes complete with a piece of whole fruit, a bag of chips, and a fresh baked chocolate chunk cookie or a brownie.


Healthy and Light

For five or more people, and for a healthy choice for groups of almost any size, choose the Healthy and Light lunch option. You have a choice of a pita, a wrap, or croissants filled with delicately seasoned chicken salad, farm fresh egg salad, or Albacore tuna salad and served with lettuce and tomato. Each lunch comes with fresh fruit slices, raw vegetables with dip, and a choice of pasta salad, potato salad, or coleslaw. Lunches come with assorted relishes.

Sandwich and Deli Platter

For 25 or more people, the Deli Platter makes a great option. Your guests or employees can make their own sandwiches. For meats, they can choose from turkey, ham, roast sirloin, and hard salami. Cheese are imported sliced cheeses. Vegetables include lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, and pickles. Condiments available are mayonnaise and gourmet mustard. All this can be put on our fresh, homemade rolls or assorted breads. Potato salad, pasta salad, and coleslaw are also on offer. For a small fee, chips and drinks can be included.

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