Weddings are a celebration of love. It’s a ceremony to commemorate two families coming together as one. Weddings are meant to be fun for everyone invited. With everyone dressed up and ready to party, you’ll want to have all of the necessary accoutrements on your big day in order to make it truly memorable for everyone in attendance. While some weddings go above and beyond in providing fun activities and entertainment, every wedding requires a few things in order to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. In today’s blog, Serrano Brothers Catering, the best wedding catering company in Elk River, will be going over some of the things every wedding needs to have.


People love being invited to things. Whether or not we can attend the event, we all want to be invited to them. While asking people to come to your wedding can provide the same end results as a card or save the date, a written invitation is a safer and much more formal way to ensure people come to your wedding. You can pick out designs, include pictures, and add any personal touches that you think your invitations need. Be sure to have all of the necessary information in your invitations, such as date, time, and location, to ensure that everyone you want to show up to your wedding does. And while it may seem like a no-brainer, make sure you actually send out your invitations well in advance of your wedding day.


Music is one of the few things that just about every human being on the planet enjoys in some capacity. Since the beginning of history, music has been intertwined with cultures all over the world. To this day, music plays a major role in our daily lives. Music allows people to cut loose, unwind, and dance their worries away alongside friends, family, loved ones, or complete strangers. So, whether you’re planning on having a live band or a DJ, it’s important to have music and a place to dance on your big day. Music can also set the mood for your ceremony and is even traditionally used to announce the beginning of the wedding. No matter how big your wedding is going to be, make sure you make room for some good music.


Whether you plan on having your wedding ceremony in your backyard or halfway around the world, you’ll need a venue for your big day. If you’re looking for a traditional venue, churches are usually a popular option. There are also venues made specifically for weddings. These places most likely offer some of the best aesthetics for your wedding with breathtaking scenery that can only be experienced there. Wherever you choose to have your wedding, make sure there is enough space for everyone you plan on inviting as well as all of the entertainment and fun activities you plan on having.


No wedding is complete without food. It doesn’t matter if your wedding lasts five minutes or five hours, you’ll want to have food for you and your guests in order to help you keep the party going. You can choose buffet style or have your guests pick out their preferred courses from a preselected menu. Craft your custom catering menu to provide numerous options for you and your guests. You can tailor your menu to include classic meat dishes, vegetarian options, or even vegan alternatives to old favorites. Make sure you have food or dishes that everyone in attendance can enjoy.


Weddings are big events, usually with a lot of things happening at once. While you can’t be a part of every moment, you can still witness the fun and excitement everyone experienced on your wedding day when you hire a professional photographer and videographer. A professional photographer will also be able to help you remember all of the moments you were apart of with stunning pictures of you, your new spouse, and all of the people you decided to celebrate your big occasion with. Videographers can edit a wedding video of your big day, making you feel like the star in your very own movie. When you’re planning your wedding, make sure to include a photographer to help you capture each and every moment.

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