So you’ve decided to go with a caterer in order to make your presentation, party, or event even better. Using a catering company is a big deal, as a party or gathering is made even better depending on the kind of food you decide to offer to everyone in attendance. When looking for a professional catering company, you’ll want to do your homework rather than just hiring the first business you see. Finding the right match for your event is important, as it can set the tone for your entire party or meeting. In today’s blog, Serrano Brother Catering, the best catering company in Elk River, MN, we’ll be going over what you should look for in a catering company when it comes time for you to hire one.

They Can Handle Your Eventgray food containers near bar counter inside room

While all catering companies are able to handle different types of jobs and events, some are more suited for specific jobs than others. While some might be better for weddings or small gatherings, others might specifically handle parties or events for a large number of people. Most caterers will be upfront about the kinds of events they can or can’t do, but asking them is always encouraged just to be safe. When you first contact your preferred caterer, be sure to go over how many people you plan on hosting as well as the amount of food you plan on ordering.


Caterers can be busy. Some companies take on several projects a day, while almost every catering company is constantly meeting with new clients and putting together custom catering menus for events well in advance of the day that they’ll be held. With that being said, a good catering company will always make time to at least meet with you or go over the details of your event via phone call or email. Any reliable catering company will be in contact with you after you decide to partner with them in order to iron out the specifics of your custom catering menu. They’ll also be sure to contact you should any issues come up and get back to as soon as possible if you contact them with any news. When looking for a catering company, be sure to pick one that’s responsive.

Explanation of Services

Don’t you hate it when you don’t know what’s going on? This can be especially infuriating when trying to set up a plan for your event and you don’t know when your catering is supposed to arrive or if you were supposed to pick it up. When hiring a catering company, make sure they explain all of the services and goods promised in the contract you’ll have to sign. The contract will offer all of the information of what food, beverages, and services the catering company will provide on the day of your event. Go over the contract thoroughly with the catering company in order to make sure all of your needs and expectations are outlined properly.

Other aspects to look for:

  • Well-defined cancellation plan
  • References and reviews
  • Make sure they have insurance
  • Familiarity with your venue of choice
  • Willingness to provide tastings
  • Flexibility regarding menu options

When you’re searching for the top catering companies in Elk River, be sure to partner with the best at Serrano Brothers Catering. We’ll work with you in order to create the perfect catering menu for your event. We will communicate with you the entire time and we’ll be sure to go over everything that’s outlined in your catering contract. Learn more about our Elk River catering company, view our catering menus online, or contact Serrano Brothers Catering to get started on your catering services today.